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Life in Between Letters and Numbers

Be The Compass

You have this wanderlust and you won’t be contented staying in one place. You need to go out but friends and office mates aren’t available. You are also afraid you’d be lost somewhere remote or some unprecedented mishaps happen. To top it all, you’re somehow don’t get along with directions. Then, what now? All things Read more about Be The Compass[…]

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Dear Whoever

I’m at the 5th floor right now with some colleagues, just finished sipping my raspberry black currant juice. I regret having that juice, I’m chilling. Mind to know what i want? I want you here. I need your hug. These recent days, I’ve been clinging to Nick’s jacket. I want something warm, something unchanging and Read more about Dear Whoever[…]

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The Writer’s Will

I stare at the paper A digital screen A pen in black ink Keys to strike.. With an armful of thoughts Flowing so generously A wave of scenes and imagery I create a masterpiece yet to be. A world never have been Slowly comes to life People, things and emotions Flooded in tenderly. I mixed Read more about The Writer’s Will[…]

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